Thursday, 9 October 2014

After one of the driest periods experienced in a long time we, at last, have had some much needed rainfall here in the Lake District. Water temperatures are cooling nicely and there is a general improvement across the board with some good sport reported!
Neil Hurst from Tewksbury fished from the boats in the North basin and reported 3 nice autumn brownies to 2lb 12oz, who were preoccupied with fry feeding and fell to a combination of sparkler and cormorants on a Di-3 line. Also employing fry patterns, this time on an intermediate line, Pat M’lusley from Paisley in Scotland fished from the boats and landed 4 browns and a rainbow. All Pat’s fish came from the boathouse area of the lake! Also North East based angler Peter Crowe landed 6 nice brownies, again from the boats on an intermediate line and traditional wet fly combo’ from the boats.
The 2014 Esthwaite Pairs competition, held at the end of September was won by Ernie Craster and Peter Crowe. They landed 6 Brown Trout for 6lb 6oz. In second place Mike Frith and Clive Parry managed just 1 fish for 14oz. Winning tactics used by Peter and Ernie were traditional wets in conjunction with an intermediate line. Just like their practice day. Well done to both pairs who won some fantastic prizes that were up for grabs! (see attached photo)
The start of the winter Pike season has got off to a flyer, with good numbers of fish reported on moving baits. Lures, fly and trolled deadbait’s are all fishing well. The static deadbait approach is still quite slow at present, however expect that situation to change as the cold weather sets in!
Big s club members Steve Hincks and Darren Lord from Blackpool had a great first couple of days fishing lures and fly from the boats. They landed in excess of a dozen Pike, well into double figures employing these ‘gun and run’ tactics.
The best reported fish so far was a cracking 24lb 4oz beauty taken by John Parks from Preston on a float trolled sardine.Roy Cunliffe from Bradford fished trolled bluey from the boats and took a fine conditioned 15 pounder. Meanwhile Alex Roberts from Wigan caught a 12 pounder on a lure, again from the boats!
Bank anglers employing static deadbaits have found it tough though. The water temperatures are still very high for the time of year and the fish seem to be up for moving baits at the moment. However one angler that did manage a mid double was Calvin O’Hara from Southport. The Big s club member fished a half Mackerel to take his only fish of the day!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The autumnal weather that we experienced towards the end of August, helped the fishing no end and as a result the fish are up in the water once more and the fry bashing is in full swing. Fly patterns such as cats whiskers, zonkers, sparklers and floating fry are all working well at present in combination with a sinking line approach. Evenings have been best for surface activity, with both buzzer and sedges coming off the water. Daddies and hoppers have been scoring well too!
Hawkshead Angling Club member Neville Jameson took to the boats and landed 3 brownies. Neville employed an intermediate line and damsel nymph approach up in the North basin. Meanwhile Alex Fenton from Fife up in Scotland managed a nice brace of browns, one on a silver Invicta and the other on a pearly pennel from the boats and again up in the North basin along the boathouse banking.
Any method anglers have been reporting some really good days too. Nathan Poland from Workington used spinning tactics from the boats and landed 8 brownies! Michael Brody from Southport also had 3 trout using float fished worm, again from the boats.
Any method bank anglers are also getting in on the action. Nick Lancaster from Ripon landed 2 trout and Josh Li from Singapore also landed 2 Trout from the boat jetty, near the ticket office! Meanwhile Kelly Winter from Co Durham landed a nice brace of brown’s on worm, again from the boat jetty! (see attached photo)
Our Pike season starts proper on the 1st October with permitted methods to include deadbaits, lures and fly. As well as day tickets, don’t forget we offer season tickets for the winter Pike fishing too. Please contact Dave or Alex on 015394 36541. Alternatively please visit our website for all the information you need.
Also don’t forget we have extended our winter coarse fishing ticket to run from 1st October until 14th March inclusive. The cost of the coarse day ticket is £10 and the use of maggots and ground bait is permitted. Esthwaite Water has vast shoals of silver fish and Perch and if you pick the right peg, sport can be breath taking. (see attached photo)
To all you competition fly angler’s out there, we will be running a one off pairs competition on Sunday 28th September. If anyone would like to fish the competition or knows someone who might, then please get in touch to book your boat, there are still a few available. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

It’s an improving picture on the fishing front now that the hot weather has broken. As the days go by and the rain comes down the fish are edging their way back to the surface and have certainly been more forthcoming on a variety of methods. Anglers employing fly and spinning tactics have also been more successful since the weather has cooled down some what. For weeks on end the fish were residing on the thermocline and feeding almost exclusively on Daphnia, which made them very tricky to catch, both on the fly and on spinner!
Geoff Reynolds from Lancaster had a cracking day’s sport on the fly from the boats landing 6 nice brown’s to 2lb+. Geoff fished a DI-7 line in conjunction with boobies and sparkler’s. Meanwhile Dave Johnson from Darlington also took to the boats and landed 4 nice trout on sinking line and cats whisker combo’.
Bruce Duguid from Dundee fished from the boats with spinner and landed 5 brown’s to 1lb 8oz from the ticket office frontage. Jack Robert’s from nearby Kendal also fished with spinning tactics from the boats and landed his bag limit of 4 brown’s.
During the hot weather though it was the wormer’s that produced the most consistent results. Indeed Jim Wills from Harrogate landed 5 fish to 2lb+ fishing sliding float and worm 20 feet down. Peter Bradshaw from Penrith also enjoyed fabulous sport taking 7 fish on similar tactics!
Since the weather has cooled down, there have been some good sport from the bank too. The Squirrell family from Devon had a cracking session last Friday, taking 9 Brown Trout to 1lb 8oz. All their fish were taken on a combination of legered worm and spinning tactics (see attached photo).
The Pike fishing slowed down predictably during the heatwave, however expect sport to improve again no end with some nice hauls of fish to 20lb being reported already and plenty of double figure specimens putting in an appearance. Stuart Davies from North Wales took 5 nice fish last week on jerkbaits, the best tipping the scales at 19lb 8oz! We are still open for the rest of this summer for Pike fishing with lures and fly only and we are once again open for deadbaiting from October 1st!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The warm weather has predictably sent the trout off into deeper water and while they are feeding on Daphnia they have become quite hard to catch. Fly and spinning methods have struggled of late, however worm presented at 15-25 feet down has been producing the goods. The fish have been venturing closer to the surface in the morning’s and late evening’s to feed on the abundant supply of coarse fish fry, damsel’s, buzzer and sedges.
Andrew Sharpe from Wigan is one of the angler’s that took to the boats and found the zone where the fish were holding. Indeed Andrew presented worm at 20 feet down and landed 5 nice Brown Trout to 2lb+. John Gables from Preston also fished similar tactics to record 4 nice fish to 1lb 8oz. Anthony Peacock from Carlisle also fished worm deep from the boats around the weather buoys to land 6 brownies of similar size.
Dave Lithgoe from Southampton employed a fast sinking line and sparkler combo’ to land 3 brown’s from the boats and Peter Stapleton from Crewe fished from the boats one evening to record 3 nice brown’s to spinning tactics.
The 2014 Esthwaite Water Boat Grand Slam was contested recently and what a weekend of camaraderie we had. This multi species event was sponsored by Savagegear and saw 24 anglers (12 teams) battle it out over 2 days with worm , spin and fly tactics to target Pike, Perch and Trout. The event was won by Team ‘Top Rods’, Alias John Ashurst and Stuart Fazakerely. They managed ‘the slam with a total overall weight of 144.5 inches. In second place was team ‘Dasz Pike’, Alias Piotr Kruszewski and Marcin Malgowski with an overall length of 123 inches and in third place team ‘Lincolnshire Loser’s’, alias Johnathon Danes and Jamie Skinner submitted an overall length of 59 inches and also achieved the ‘Grand Slam’. The top 3 teams shared cash, tackle and season ticket prizes worth over £3000. What a fantastic competition this has been for us over the last couple of year’s. Anyone who wishes to fish next year’s competition should contact Dave or Alex on 015394 36541 to book your place as many of the contesting team’s have already booked for next year. What a resounding success and a big thank you to our sponsor’s Savagegear! ( SEE ATTACHED PHOTO).
We still have 1 place left for our last discounted fly fishing day of the season on Saturday 19th July. This taster session will take place a week on Saturday and only costs £10.The session starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm. All participants need is a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses, plus a current EA licence. If you are interested in taking up flyfishing then there is no better way to start. If you would like to fill that remaining place, please contact us on 015394 36541.
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Friday, 13 June 2014

Plenty of hatches now the weather’s warmed. Buzzer’s, alder’s, olives and damsels all coming off the water. Loads of daddies and bracken clocks getting blown onto the water too. Best surface action is in the mornings and late evenings. During the daytime the fish have been predictably disappearing into the depths to feed on the plentiful supply of daphnia. So for the fly angler a switch of line and tactics will pay dividends, to keep you catching throughout the day!
One angler that enjoyed a fabulous day on the boats was John Peart from Durham. John took 3 browns off the top on klinkhammer patterns , switched to a sinking line and sparkler combo’ and landed another 4 from down deep. All John’s fish were taken around the weather buoys. Simon James also had a cracking day on the fly taking 6 fish to 3lb+.
Worm anglers have been doing the best of late, fishing deep from the boats. Bryan Gray from Carlisle took 3 brownies fishing at 20 feet down around the weather buoys. Meanwhile Jim Bishop from Cheshire took 5 fish again fished deep from the boats. William Voller aged 9 from Essex managed 5 fish on similar tactics and Simon Kenner from Kendal managed 15 Brown Trout in one session on legered worm from the bank!
Best recent fish reported was an 8lb fully finned over wintered  Rainbow Trout caught on legered corn from the bank. This was a nice surprise catch for Simon Kavanagh from Dublin. Nice fish, well done that man!
We still have a few places left for the discounted tuition days on the 21st June, 6th July and the 19th July respectively. These taster fly fishing sessions cost just £10 and all you need with you is a current EA licence, a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses, however pre booking is essential. To book your place please telephone Dave or Alex on 015394 36541.
The Pike fishing season started early on 1st June and there have been plenty of fish reported. Indeed Shaun Whittaker from Horesham took plenty of jacks, a 12 pounder and a 19 pounder  to round off another successful visit to the fishery.Steve Hinks and Darren Lord from Blackpool also landed 4 doubles to 15lb. Heath Taylor took to the boats and landed 4 to upper doubles. Also venue regular Chris Harris from Burnley trolled his lures from the boats and landed a jack, two doubles and a cracking fish of 28lb 2oz (see attached photo). The Pike fishing is now open to anglers, however it must be stressed that permitted methods are by fly and lure only.
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Friday, 23 May 2014


There’s plenty of activity from the fish now. The water temperatures are perfect, there are clouds of buzzer, olives and alders coming off the water and fish are free rising, especially in the evenings or on overcast days when conditions are spot on.
One angler that took advantage of the conditions was Steve Jones from Essex who presented cdc buzzers on a floating line from the boats and landed 5 nice browns to 2lb+. Also fishing imitative patterns was John Shaw from Carlisle. He fished a damsel on an intermediate line and landed his limit of 4 brown’s from the banking opposite the ticket office.
Any method anglers have been successful too of late. Peter Taylor from Oxford landed 8 brownies on spinner from the swimming pool banking. Meanwhile Steve Collins from Burnley also landed 8 fish again on spinning tactics from the boats.
Visiting angler John Coles from Canada took to the boats and landed 9 trout on float fished worm. Peter Hughes from North Wales was also successful employing float fished worm, he landed a nice brace of trout, one which tipped the scales at 5lb 2oz. However the best reported recent fish was taken off the car park banking on legered worm  by George Byron from Wigan. He landed only one fish, but what a fish it was at a shade over 10lb. Well done George and good on you for safely releasing the over wintered beastie!
If anyone would like to come to one of our flyfishing taster sessions, there are still a few places left for Saturday 7th June, Saturday 21st June, Sunday 6th July and Saturday 19th July. These days are heavily discounted at £10 per session and are ideal for anyone who would like some help with their casting. All you need is a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses, a current Ea licence and a £10 note. Everything else is provided for you and the sessions run from 10am until 2pm. Please telephone Dave or Alex on 015394 36541 to book your place on the courses.
Don’t forget we will be open again this year from Sunday 1st June for Pike fishing with lures and fly only. We anticipate being very busy for the first couple of weeks so be sure to check on boat availability by telephoning the ticket office!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spring is finally here. The water temperatures are rising and fly hatches are increasing daily, fish are starting to come to the top in numbers to take advantage of the buzzers, olives and alders that are coming off the lake at present. Trout are succumbing to all methods including fly, spinners and worm and there are good reports from bank and boat anglers alike!
First up Lee Mitchell from Huddersfield fished the banking on the last day of the Pike season. He presented legered Mackerel and was surprised when a 9lb 9oz Brown Trout took his bait. A real brute of a fish which was returned alive to the water. (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO).
Also fishing from the bank at the car park Terry Brown from Carlisle took 3 brown’s to 4lb+ on legered worming tactics. Another bank angler Gerald Purcell from Harrogate legered worm and landed 3 brown’s to 3lb+. Meanwhile Richard Sandford from Cambridge fished from the boats and landed a brace of Brown Trout, this time to float fished worm. Ian Hodges from Wigan fished legered worm from the car park to land another giant Brown Trout of 9lb 3oz (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO)
Fly anglers are also getting in on the action. Jack Greene from Liverpool fished cats whisker from the boats to take 4 brownies in conjunction with a sinking line. Meanwhile Harry Jones from North wales fished nymphs and buzzers from the boats to land 5 brown’s to 2lb on a floating line set up!
Unfortunately the next discounted tuition day on Sunday 11th May is fully booked , however there are still places left for Saturday 7th June if anyone is interested in learning to fly fish. The session starts at 10am and finishes at 2pm. The cost is only £10 and participants must phone up and book in advance. All you need is a current EA licence, a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses. All the tackle is provided on the day!
The last week of the Pike season threw up some nice fish once again. Steve Bosacki and Dan Fois from Huddersfield fished static deadbait from the car park to land specimens of 12lb, 20lb 2oz, 23lb and 24lb 2oz respectively. Big S club member John Ashurst fished lures from the boats and landed Pike of 8lb, 14lb and 17lb. All John’s fish were taken from the boats.
Meanwhile Hawkshead Angling Club member John Bradley from Preston had a nice brace of fish from the boats. John landed a 12 pounder on a lure and a personal best snapper of 28lb 2oz, which fell to a static herring deadbait!
The Pike fishing is now closed on Esthwaite, however we will, for this year only be opening our doors to predator anglers on 1st June. This will be strictly to day ticket anglers only and permitted methods will include lures and fly. No deadbaiting will be allowed!
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