Friday, 15 May 2015

The Trout fishing is on top form at the moment. All method’s, fly spinner and worm producing from both the boats and the bank! There is plenty of fly life coming off the lake, buzzer’s, olive’s, Alder’s and a few Damsel’s starting to show. However for the purist, first thing in the mornings and evenings have been favourite for surface fishing with suspender buzzer’s and small black dries doing the business!
Best areas on the lake at present include, stockie bay, Strickland bay, weather bay and the swimming pool!
Best recent fish was an 8lb Brown Trout caught by Rob Hewitt from Sunderland. Rob caught and returned this magnificent fish from the boats on a spinner in stockie bay at the South end of the lake!
Other catches include John Gibbons from Kent. He boat fished traditional wets including Pearly Whickhams and Black Pennell on an intermediate line and landed 6 nice chunky brown’s to 2lb!
Peter Stone from Glasgow fished Cats Whisker on a sinking line and landed 5 brownies to 1lb 12oz, again from the boats!
Meanwhile Geoff Jones from Glamorgan landed 8 nice Brown Trout from the boats on worm and spinning tactics!
Bank anglers have been doing well also. Reg Unsworth from Preston landed 6 brownies on legered worm from the car park banking. Hawkshead Angling Club member Dave Telford landed a nice brace off the café benches. One on spinner and one on worm!
Another HAC member  Ken Lomax took another brace in quick succession on spinner from the entrance to stockie bay! (see attached photo)
Don’t forget that we are still running our discounted fly fishing tuition days again this year and we still have places available for Sunday 17th May, Sunday 28th June and Saturday 4th July! These sessions start at 10am and run until 2pm. The cost is £15 per person and participants must bring with them a brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses for protection! Please contact Dave or Alex on 015394 36541 to book your place. These taster sessions are ideal for anyone who would like to take up fly fishing. A great introduction, that’s for sure!
Also for all you kayakers out there, don’t forget our Kayak Grand Slam competition this year will be held on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May. Permitted methods include fly, artificial lure and worm. You must catch Pike, Perch and Trout to complete the slam. Interested participants must contact Sam Baxter on 07981 987188 for more information and entry forms!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.FM


Friday, 20 February 2015

For all you Trout anglers out there, the lake will receive its first stocking of Trout at the beginning of March. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the exact date, but the Dunsop Bridge Trout farm has assured us that it will be either the 2nd or 3rd March!
The fishery is on fire at the moment regarding the Pike fishing. The water temperatures are very low at the moment so static dead baiting is accounting for the bulk of catches!
Dirk Robinson fished the car park banking and landed a 17lb 15oz fish on static dead bait. Big s club member Matt Mclean took to the boats and landed a 12lb 11oz and a 14lb 6oz respectively. Alan Brand and Stuart Ferguson from London fished 5 days from the bank and landed 9 Pike to 13lb 8oz, again on static dead bait. Meanwhile Alistair Paisley from Carlisle fished from the car park banking and took a 19lb 6oz specimen! Steve Bosacki from Huddersfield  also fished the car park banking and landed a 20lb 8oz fish.
Big s club member Reece Nicholson has been in good form bank fishing with dead baits and has taken fish of 15lb, 15lb 10oz, 16lb 8oz another 3 low doubles and a jack Pike! Hawkshead Angling Club member  Fonz Howard also fished from the banking in the North basin and took 2 nice doubles of 15lb 10oz and 17lb 8oz. Meanwhile Gary Nevinson from Widnes fished from the boats and landed a 15 pounder on a lure and a 23 pounder on dead bait! Stuart Fazackerley from Wigan landed a 14lb’er on Smelt from the boats. Another Hawkshead Angling Club member Harry Poxon from Milnthorpe bank fished at the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank and landed a 19 pounder and 2 jacks on static dead bait. Tim Farnham fished from the car park banking and landed a 14 pounder on dead bait. Again from the car park banking Philip Price landed a 14lb’er and a 20lb 8oz fish on static dead bait.
The Esthwaite guides have been successful of late steering clients to some nice Pike captures! Indeed Philip Pratt from Leeds landed a cracking conditioned 21 pounder from the boats to static dead bait (see attached photo). Meanwhile Chris Wells and Steve Walker from Huddersfield were guided to a successful day in the boats, taking fish of 9lb, 11lb, 13lb and 24lb 5oz respectively. All fish fell to static dead bait! (see attached photo)
The general coarse fishing is still going very well with some nice bags to 30lb taken by some anglers. Best pegs include the point opposite the ticket office and the boat house stretch on the Eastern bank! The coarse fishing tickets for the silver fish, Perch and Bream are available until 14th March and the cost of a day ticket is still £10!
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Best Regards

David Coleman M.I.F.M

Thursday, 15 January 2015

For all the Trout anglers out there, stocking will commence at the beginning of March!
Also we have the dates for the discounted fly fishing tuition for 2015. They are Sunday 22nd March, Saturday 18th April, Saturday 2nd May, Sunday 17th May, Sunday 28th June and Saturday 4th July. The sessions will start at 10am and finish at 2pm. The cost is £15 and participants must bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses for protection. All tackle is provided. Please contact the fishery for more details. Bookings for these days must be in advance!
Despite the disruptive weather recently, the Pike fishing has been on top form, with fish succumbing to lures and dead baits. Both bank and boat anglers alike have been enjoying great sport, however boat anglers are reporting the bulk of the action.
Big s club member Chris Harris reported a nice 13lb specimen, taken on a trolled lure from the boats. Meanwhile Ashley Gray from Bolton fished from the boats and reported a 17lb’er on a lure and a 16lb’er on a Mackerel dead bait. Another Big s club member Ian Spence from Barnard Castle landed a 7lb’er and a 13lb’er on static Bluey from the boats.
Phil Pritchard was fishing with one of the Esthwaite guides and landed a 13lb’er on static dead bait and a 15lb’er on a lure, again from the boats. Season ticket holder Stuart Fazakerely from Wigan landed an 11lb’er and a 13lb’er on Smelt dead bait. Local rod Mat Mclean also fished from the boats and landed a jack and a 17lb 13oz snapper, to Mackerel dead bait. Meanwhile the best recently reported fish fell to John Roberts from Preston. John fished from the boats and took a nice brace of fish weighing at 18lb and 22lb 4oz respectively. Both fish fell to static herring! Chris Hayhirst from Manchester again fished from the boats and landed a 15lb specimen!
Not to be out done bank anglers Ian Clifford and Andy Butcher landed a jack, a 10lb’er, a 13lb’er a 17lb 10oz and a 17lb 12oz, all to static sea baits. Meanwhile Big s club member Reece Nicholson landed a fine 19lb+ specimen from the car park banking on static Herring! (see attached photo).
The general Coarse fishing on the lake is still doing very well and bags of 20-30lb have been reported regularly. Remember day tickets for the coarse fishing only cost £10. Maggots and ground baiting is permitted and tickets are still available until 14th March!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Despite a big water temperature drop over recent weeks, the Trout fishing is still worth a go, especially during milder conditions. There are still some good buzzer hatches, however for consistent results the sinking line and lure approach is much more productive at this time of year. Especially with the number of fry that are shoaled up tight in the deeper water.
One angler that fished from the boats and managed a nice brace of fish was Phil Green from Consett who fished the North basin and landed fish to 2lb on a Di-3 and fry patterns. Meanwhile HAC member Pete Welbourne also fished fly from the boats and landed 3 fish to 1lb 8oz.
John Prichard from Wrexham fished the banking at the boathouse stretch on the Eastern bank and landed 4 brownies up to 2lb on a combination of worm and spinning tactics. All John’s fish were returned!
Some nice Pike have been getting caught recently on both lures and dead bait!
Season ticket angler Geoff Birtwistle from Bury fished from the boats and landed a nice plump double of 12lb to static Mackerel dead bait. Meanwhile Big s club member Matt Mclean took a 15lb 4oz beauty, again on static dead bait from the boats. Steve Hincks and Darren Lord from Blackpool have also been consistently catching from the boats with lures and have reported fish into double figure in recent weeks!
Bank anglers have been getting their string pulled too. Indeed Reece Williams from Carlisle managed 4 fish in one day up to double figures, from the car park banking. However best recent capture was by Big s club member Luke Doyle from Manchester who landed a cracking 25lb specimen from the Strickland Ease banking on the Western shore of the lake. Luke’s fish was taken on static Mackerel dead bait (see attached photo).
Coarse anglers are stilling hauling with 20 lb bags commonplace to feeder and maggot tactics. Best swims are the boathouse banking on the Eastern shore and the point opposite the ticket office. Don’t forget general silver fish day tickets are only £10 and are available until 14th March!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 30 October 2014

We have experienced some good back end Trout fishing on the lake. With warm autumnal weather there has been some good hatches of buzzer and sedge. Fry feeding is also evident and there have been some good reports. The best area on the lake at the moment is in the North East quarter, up near the weather buoys, the boathouse and swimming pool .
Peter Shepard from Stirling boat fished around the weather buoys and landed 3 nice brownies on a Di-3 line and Kate Mclaren traditional wets. Meanwhile John Roberts from Preston fished black pennel and wickhams fancy in conjunction with an intermediate. Again from a boat and again from the same area of the lake!
Liam Johnson from Hull fished with his son Graham and landed a total of 5 brownies on spinning and worm tactics from the boathouse banking and Peter Ashgrove from Kent landed another 4 brownies from a boat on float fished worm, again up in the North basin.
As long as the weather stays mild, prospects look good for the next few weeks, however I must remind anyone visiting the fishery that there is a strict catch and release policy at this time of year for the Brown Trout and that continues throughout the winter months up to and including 14th March!
The Pike fishing is really good at the moment after the prolonged dry and warm summer. There is plenty of fresh water in the lake now and this has really set the Pike off on a feeding spree!
Big s club member Reece Nicholson fished the car park swim with static herring and landed 3 nice doubles to 16lb 9oz.Meanwhile James Murray landed 2 doubles on lures from the boats,upto 15lb with a guide.
 Barry Brookes from London took to the boats and landed 5 nice Pike on lures and trolled deadbaits. The best fish tipping the scales at 15lb.
James Neilson from Aberdeen fished from the boats for 2 days for 4 Pike on lures and deadbaits and took a beauty of 21lb exactly.
Andrew Costello from London fished with an Esthwaite guide and landed 2 nice plump doubles of 14lb and 17lb respectively on trolled lures up in the north basin.
However the best reported fish so far this season was taken by local rod John Hicks from Grange whose only fish of the day was a 27lb lump, taken from the car park swim on static joey mackerel, well done that man (see attached photo)
The coarse fishing has been on top form recently with perfect conditions of warm and overcast weather and 30lb+ bags have been commonplace. The boathouse stretch on the eastern bank and the point opposite the ticket office have been favourite. Don’t forget its only £10 for coarse fishing permits and they will be available until the 14th March. Best tactics continue to be long range feeder!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Thursday, 9 October 2014

After one of the driest periods experienced in a long time we, at last, have had some much needed rainfall here in the Lake District. Water temperatures are cooling nicely and there is a general improvement across the board with some good sport reported!
Neil Hurst from Tewksbury fished from the boats in the North basin and reported 3 nice autumn brownies to 2lb 12oz, who were preoccupied with fry feeding and fell to a combination of sparkler and cormorants on a Di-3 line. Also employing fry patterns, this time on an intermediate line, Pat M’lusley from Paisley in Scotland fished from the boats and landed 4 browns and a rainbow. All Pat’s fish came from the boathouse area of the lake! Also North East based angler Peter Crowe landed 6 nice brownies, again from the boats on an intermediate line and traditional wet fly combo’ from the boats.
The 2014 Esthwaite Pairs competition, held at the end of September was won by Ernie Craster and Peter Crowe. They landed 6 Brown Trout for 6lb 6oz. In second place Mike Frith and Clive Parry managed just 1 fish for 14oz. Winning tactics used by Peter and Ernie were traditional wets in conjunction with an intermediate line. Just like their practice day. Well done to both pairs who won some fantastic prizes that were up for grabs! (see attached photo)
The start of the winter Pike season has got off to a flyer, with good numbers of fish reported on moving baits. Lures, fly and trolled deadbait’s are all fishing well. The static deadbait approach is still quite slow at present, however expect that situation to change as the cold weather sets in!
Big s club members Steve Hincks and Darren Lord from Blackpool had a great first couple of days fishing lures and fly from the boats. They landed in excess of a dozen Pike, well into double figures employing these ‘gun and run’ tactics.
The best reported fish so far was a cracking 24lb 4oz beauty taken by John Parks from Preston on a float trolled sardine.Roy Cunliffe from Bradford fished trolled bluey from the boats and took a fine conditioned 15 pounder. Meanwhile Alex Roberts from Wigan caught a 12 pounder on a lure, again from the boats!
Bank anglers employing static deadbaits have found it tough though. The water temperatures are still very high for the time of year and the fish seem to be up for moving baits at the moment. However one angler that did manage a mid double was Calvin O’Hara from Southport. The Big s club member fished a half Mackerel to take his only fish of the day!
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Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The autumnal weather that we experienced towards the end of August, helped the fishing no end and as a result the fish are up in the water once more and the fry bashing is in full swing. Fly patterns such as cats whiskers, zonkers, sparklers and floating fry are all working well at present in combination with a sinking line approach. Evenings have been best for surface activity, with both buzzer and sedges coming off the water. Daddies and hoppers have been scoring well too!
Hawkshead Angling Club member Neville Jameson took to the boats and landed 3 brownies. Neville employed an intermediate line and damsel nymph approach up in the North basin. Meanwhile Alex Fenton from Fife up in Scotland managed a nice brace of browns, one on a silver Invicta and the other on a pearly pennel from the boats and again up in the North basin along the boathouse banking.
Any method anglers have been reporting some really good days too. Nathan Poland from Workington used spinning tactics from the boats and landed 8 brownies! Michael Brody from Southport also had 3 trout using float fished worm, again from the boats.
Any method bank anglers are also getting in on the action. Nick Lancaster from Ripon landed 2 trout and Josh Li from Singapore also landed 2 Trout from the boat jetty, near the ticket office! Meanwhile Kelly Winter from Co Durham landed a nice brace of brown’s on worm, again from the boat jetty! (see attached photo)
Our Pike season starts proper on the 1st October with permitted methods to include deadbaits, lures and fly. As well as day tickets, don’t forget we offer season tickets for the winter Pike fishing too. Please contact Dave or Alex on 015394 36541. Alternatively please visit our website for all the information you need.
Also don’t forget we have extended our winter coarse fishing ticket to run from 1st October until 14th March inclusive. The cost of the coarse day ticket is £10 and the use of maggots and ground bait is permitted. Esthwaite Water has vast shoals of silver fish and Perch and if you pick the right peg, sport can be breath taking. (see attached photo)
To all you competition fly angler’s out there, we will be running a one off pairs competition on Sunday 28th September. If anyone would like to fish the competition or knows someone who might, then please get in touch to book your boat, there are still a few available. There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs!
Best Regards
David Coleman M.I.F.M